Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15: What we do in fall and winter

Day 15: Fall and Winter traditions

   We are blessed to live near a wonderful pick-your-own farm with playground; we try and go a few times in the summer to pick strawberries or peaches and in the fall for the apple picking/pumpkin land as well as fall festivals at both of the kids schools.  We have 4-5 big trees around the house so there is of course leaves to rake and for the little people to jump in.  Personally I love autumn and so try and fit in as many hikes as I can.  Thanksgiving is often a chance to get together with extended family, particularly the part of the family we are not seeing at Christmas.
  Winter begins with Advent and the preparations for Christmas, and then celebrating Christmas and New Year.  Living in the Mid-Atlantic how much snow play occurs varies greatly year to year.  I'm hoping to take Lisbeth ice skating for the first time this coming winter, she is hoping we will have enough snow for snowman building.

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  1. oh, autumn hiking needs to be in the plans! still waiting for the leaves to change - last year at this time they already had!