Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small Successes:You Go Mom!

  1. Again found the courage the try a new recipe, resulting in a yummy stew (BTW my cooking insecurity is all me, C. has always been very supportive and encouraging).
  2. Finished making a surprise tape for my nephew (now I just have to mail it.)
  3. Am fighting the blues a bit right now, but trying to focus on the good and look for the positive around me (like in this post and all of you reading)
Today I am giving thanks for:
A loving husband who encourages me to try new things
The encouragement of friends
A warm, dry place to come in from the rain
The cuddily toddler who fills my world with light and love
That I am saved by love

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  1. Joy, I'm sorry to hear about the blues today. Good for you, choosing to count your blessings. I'm trying too... ((hugs))

  2. Lifting you up about the blues. I get those a lot.

    Love your Thankful List. I echo them all....What an incredible week! Believe in truly help inspire those who read!

    Much love!!!!