Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sesame Street!!

As my husband was part of the first generation to watch Sesame Street, and I the next (or third; still not sure how one counts generations culturally) it has been one of the few shows we will let Elisabeth watch. So it was with great pleasure that we together watched the 40th Anniversary episode yesterday; when the number of the day was 40 and Big Bird considered moving upon learning that many birds migrate only to realize that Sesame Street was the perfect habitat for him.
While the character she is most likely to recognize Elmo did not live on the street when I was first watching, much of the same excitement and pleasure exist as together we enjoy the adventures of Ernie & Bert, Super Grover and other constant friends of mine whom I am grateful are still around for Elisabeth to make their acquaintance.

Sunny days indeed!

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