Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick Takes vol #36

  1. We had a very successful Halloween from the experience side; Elisabeth enjoyed her costume, we got a couple good pictures, and before it started raining she visited six or so houses on our street and gave a good try at say 'Treat or Trick'.
  2. From a generousity viewpoint it was a bust, shortly into the evening it begun pouring so I have SO much candy left. Anyone know what to do with left-over candy?
  3. I was tempted to name the seven foods I can on a daily basis convince my favorite toddler to eat, but I'm still in denial that she has become a picky eater. In my defense one of her favorite foods is avocado, so she is healthy if a little picky.
  4. Aspects of school are showing up; She will now pound on something pretending to play the drums and then bow saying 'thank you, thank you'. I did not teach her that!
  5. Very successful visit with Charlie's mom. She is an amazing cook and so I always find cooking for her intimating but I plucked up my courage and made the Chicken & Barley dish I have recently discovered...and she loved it.
  6. While I was a little frustrated to hear Christmas carols playing in the store I was in on NOV 1st, it is a useful reminder to organize and make decisions about gifts I still need to get.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Sleep in as late as my favorite toddler lets me :-)
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