Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Takes vol #38:Thanksgiving Rant!

  1. Someone recently asked me how ready for Christmas I was, and I strongly had to resist the urge to complain that I wasn't even ready for Advent yet. While I greatly appreciate the concept that beginning your shopping and planning early allows you to enjoy the season more; but have we as a culture decided that it is okay to asked the week before Thanksgiving how ready for Christmas someone is? I vote No!
  2. I would also like to stand in defense of Thanksgiving which is a lovely holiday celebrating a lovely idea of giving thanks for the bounty of blessings which surround us. I LOVE THANKSGIVING! I love the food, remembering to give thanks, little kids dressed as pilgrims and indians!
  3. Thanksgiving is coming, the pumpkins getting ripe, please put in a can in the local can drive!!
  4. E. continues to call me Daddy (for about a month now) but shouts it with such glee I decided to see the humor and not worry about semantics.
  5. Okay back to my rant over skipping Thanksgiving: What is with Grey's Anatomy and ABC broadcasting their Christmas/New Year's episode in November?!?
  6. My C's mom (who I love but who totally intimidates me in the kitchen is coming) is coming and I going to try two new recipes. Aren't I brave!?!
  7. Plans for the weekend, time with family and getting ready for THANKSGIVING!
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Thank you Jen!!


  1. I also love Thanksgiving! I have to confess, I do get antsy for Christmas and it's all I can do not to start playing Christmas music until the day after!
    And that is brave to try new recipes for a guest! Good luck!

  2. I agree about Thanksgiving & Christmas. I avoid Christmas music as much as possible, until Thanksgiving is past. Though I am a little more eager for it this year, I admit...

  3. Not only do I hate that Thanksgiving is skipped, but I hate when Christmas stuff all goes away on December 26th! I want to celebrate Thanksgiving, then have a little time that's focused on preparation (some call it Advent!), then I want the whole Christmas season! I'll start some Christmas music after Thanksgiving, but full on decorations and whatnot will have to wait a couple of weeks. Then they can stay later! :)