Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days to write your story {day 2} If you didn’t grow up planning to be a writer

 {day 2} If you didn’t grow up planning to be a writer

How about you? Would you call yourself a writer? When did you know?
     I would not call myself a writer as I would say that writing (and maybe photography) is how I choose to tell my story, put down my history, and talk about issues that are important to me.  Plus major insecurities about how well I write ~ hence why I'm doing this series.
    I'm not very artistic, I don't feel I should paint, sculpt, or draw.  While I enjoy music and hope someday to learn to play the guitar, I don't sing well and am not drawn to composing.
      However I increasing believe that based on my experience as a nurse-midwife, teacher, wife, mother and Catholic Christian I have something to say and the written word is an important part of how I say it, how I reach out to others, share experiences and offer advice.

How about you?

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