Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16 ~ How to write yourself out of the dark

Writing myself out of the dark:

     My darkness sometimes looks like loneliness; no family nearby, few friends with young children, a husband who works very long hours, and missing the interactions and activities of a full-time work life ~ I write to connect with other moms, to see if there is an answering call that comes back as I record the moments of sweetness, the moments of hilarity, the moments of stress when I sure I'm doing it all wrong ~ Me too!

     My darkness sometimes looks like overstimulation: too much noise, too much mess, too many demands for hugs, or chocolate milk, or Caillou, or whatever is the essential thing of the moment ~ I write in stolen moments to find again the quiet that centers this introvert and leads me back to myself, back to gratitude for the blessings amidst the craziness, to quiet my mind and find the rest that brings the strength to do it all again with fresh eyes and strong arms.

How do you write yourself out of dark?


  1. Love these thoughts, and your whole series on writing. My darkness, and the reasons I try to write out of it, look very similar. Today was one of those tough mothering days, so tonight I am all the more grateful for other mother-writers reaching out to do the same...

  2. I usually sing myself out of the dark :)