Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24 ~ Because stories are more interesting...

     So much of why I decided to take Lisa Jo's challenge and spend these 31 days learning to write my story is that this blog and my belief in it had started to slowly die, my belief that I had anything to say that was worth putting down, worth being read by others.  But that is not really for me to say ~ all I need to do is put down best I can what I know and what I feel about this life I live.

   This life of loving children still receiving more than they can yet give but giving in their own way and  as I teach them about compassion and empathy teaching me again and again the great good in giving of yourself expecting nothing in return but to serve and to the gifts and opportunities given you by God for his glory.

  This life where my professional vocation seems in flux and I'm so unsure of what to do next and when my responsibilities at home will allow more focus outward in a way that grows us as a family and community.

  Having gained so much from reading posts on ideas such as success and mentoring I seek to find again the confidence to put down what I know and believe in the hope that someone will be helped and fed at this blog table.

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