Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick Takes #116

  1. In addition to participating in the 31 day series sponsored by the gypsy mom, I've also been reading and enjoying the series hosted at Nesting Place and Bits and Pieces.
  2. Have of last night survived Daddy's last business trip, and in good form if I say so myself.  Lisbeth really enjoys FaceTime on the iPhone ~ Liam interested if a bit confused.
  3. It has been recommended to us that we consider placing Eustacian tubes in Liam's ears, he has never had an infection but frequent fluid might be contributing to his speech delay ~ so that is what is happening next Tuesday.  Prayers welcome, it is overall a low risk surgery but a tough reality is that you can't know how someone will react to anesthesia until they are given it for the first time.
  4. A recent sign the my little girl is growing and thriving in Pre-K is that she can write her name, all nine letters of it.  
  5. A new era begins today with us trading in the Prius, and getting a minivan! A good choice as we will soon have another car seat (and occupant) traveling with us, but still bittersweet as over the past 8 years I have really enjoyed my car. I promise more information about the new car as she becomes part of our lives, but taking a moment to say good-bye to Batty.
  6. A first batch of autumn shaped cookies have already come out of our kitchen with another batch planned for this week.  I think my baking assistant is going to really enjoy this new activity during her brother's naptime.
  7. Presenting at Pre-Cana this weekend, please pray for us and the engaged couples attending.

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  1. Way to go Elisabeth! That's a long name to master! And, yes, I'll be praying for Liam.

  2. Prayers for Liam's surgery (and for his momma's heart too :)).

    Batty the Prius, huh? You and The Man would get along great!

    1. Hubby named it The Bat Mobile because of the power button and other hybrid related gadgets, it got shorten for common usage to Batty.

  3. Definitely will be praying for little Liam!

  4. I found you over from Conversion Diary. I'll be sure to say a prayer for Liam. It's always strangely difficult to saying bye to cars. The first car I ever had, I had named David. Glad to see I am not the only one who names my cars:)

  5. How funny, we name our cars also. I drive a 12 passenger van we call 'Hoss' and my husband drives a white HHR we named 'White Lightening.'

  6. We name our cars, too! :) We still have my car from college- Dorothy! But my husband just drives it back and forth to work!

    Prayers for Liam! And I hope everything went well this weekend with Pre-Cana.