Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 ~ Describe the details

Write with all five senses.
Slow down and remember. Then write – like you’re serving a five course meal. So that we can savor every delicious word of your story.

Want to give it a try? Describing any memory you have from the beach.

     It was early evening and the sky had picked up a pink tinge which complimented perfectly the grayish tint of the ocean.  The breeze picking up a bit as we headed down to sea's edge, their initial hesitancy gave me the moment I needed to feel confident about having them both by myself so close to the water, and so as their enthusiasm built so did mine.
     The surprise the first time the cold water ran over their toes and then rushed away leaving squishy wet sand behind, the giggly anticipation for when it would happen again was contagious and soon I found myself laughing too but also taking in the peace of an ocean as the tide goes out, quietly cresting and rolling leaving behind scents picked up miles out beyond what our eyes can see. 
     The grip on my hand once so tight loosens and soon the balance checks of their footing after a wave recedes pulling sand with it no longer requires my hand or help ~ and while staying close I allow them a bit of freedom to on their own face the ocean and leap and laugh as the water rushes in.
    The failing light and falling temperature soon called us back across the sand to the boardwalk and towards the park lot and waiting car with many glances back to settle into memory this day's visit while already anticipating the next time we would find ourselves at the water's edge.


  1. Beautiful. I felt like I was right there, watching the whole thing unfold :).

  2. What a beautiful memory, and so prettily written!