Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick Takes #117

    1.Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts for Liam's surgery this week.  It went really well with him being curious/concerned but cooperative during pre-op, fuzzy when they carried out to the OR,  and confused but cuddly in recovery.  He loathes having the ear drops put in but we are done with those tomorrow evening.
    2. Despite the tough start of having to drive the car for the first time in the pouring rain rushing to an emergency dentist appointment for Lisbeth.  We are coming to enjoy the new car over the past week and hoping it will be a good addition to the family for years to come.  We ended up choosing the Honda Odyssey ~ which my sister-in-law says is aptly named.  Let the journey begin!
    3. Now that we have the new car, we can focus on getting a new car seat (the infant seat we had for L1 and L2 is timing out) for it.  As I hit 30 weeks this week we still have time but given that the next ten weeks also include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and two weeks on service for my husband, I also don't want to be too casual about it.
    4. My husband often begins his introduction at Pre-Cana with this quote from the Princess Bride. I read somewhere recently that the movie is celebrating its 25th anniversary ~ guess we are starting to date ourselves.  Don't care, great movie with so many key quotes for my generation.
    5. While I have missed a day or two recently am continuing and enjoying following along with the gypsy mom Lisa Jo's 31 day challenge ~ the latest installment here.
    6. Halloween costumes, Lisbeth has requested to be a Rocket and glory be I found one, and Liam was very happy with the Monkey costume shown him (Lisbeth's from last year) and so I thought I was set...until Lisbeth decided that he was an astronaut monkey.  Any suggestions how to augment a monkey costume a bit so to suggest space travel?
    7. Weekend Plans include pumpkin carving and an in-home date night of dinner and a movie with Doctor Dad making one of my favorite things he makes: Stuffed Squash!!
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  1. So glad to hear that Liam's surgery went well! I'm sure it's a big relief to have that out of the way. And astronaut monkey? Where do kids come up with this stuff?

  2. Glad to hear surgery went well; hope you have a great Halloween with the kiddos!

  3. Lovely Quick Takes. Thank you for sharing.