Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9 ~ Other peoples stories

Today we are to speak of inspiration we have gathered from someone else's story.  For me there are so many, part of what I have enjoyed so much about blogging was learning other people stories.  Today I'm going to highlight two.

Mindy of Sweetness in the Small Stuff: An amazing mom I met during my first pregnancy and her third ~ she has since added two more children to her family.  She writes so beautifully about her faith and following where it leads her, be it towards homeschooling or changing how she cooks for her family to where she gets the food she prepares for them.

Paige of Sojourner: Another amazing mom I met thru a pregnancy website, and I have loved reading along as they have grown their family, also made decisions about schooling, she has written her first novel and become more involved in issues of protecting life.

Amazing women, both, and such inspiration to me ~ as a mom, woman, and blogger.

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  1. Ah, Joy...you're so sweet. Thank you! I adore your blog too - you have such a lovely family!