Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8 ~ Because someone else needs your story

Today's prompt that I should be brave in writing about my thoughts and experiences because someone needs my story has always been an interesting idea to me.  I've spent much of my adult life sure that I had something to offer world around me but afraid of being rude, wrong or an imposition.  I also value highly the notion that we are all in this world called to serve and to use the gifts given us by God to be of help to one another.

So on this blog and in comment boxes I share of my experiences, what I've learned over these nearly forty years, and what I believe about life and love, faith and family ~ hoping that something I say will resonate with a reader and that someday when my littles read these recordings they enjoying reading about their early adventures and antics and how much sharing in them meant to me.

Mostly I keep writing and sharing despite my fears and doubts because this is my little corner of the world; my thoughts and writing are honestly offered with the kindest of intentions and the best of hopes.

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